For Service Providers

To explore how Theatre At Work can help your organization, contact Karen to schedule a personal appointment or an in-service presentation for your staff.

FOR WORKBC - Employment Services

In celebrating diversity, creating community inclusion, breaking down barriers, and carving out employment options for people with disabilities, everyone benefits!

Let us work with your clients to:

  • Foster 'ways of being' that will increase potential, motivation and employability
  • Generate appropriate employment options
  • Solve placement dilemmas

We can:

  • Deliver Customized Employment Services
  • Close the existing pre-employment GAP in services
  • Offer pre-employment programs that achieve results
  • Liaise with employers and the community to educate and advocate
  • Provide assistance and job coaching to difficult to reach clients

Service Organizations
Assisted Living | Schools | Recreational | Elder Service | Rehabilitation | Addiction

Let us help those who may feel isolated:

  • Positively express themselves
  • Experience pride of accomplishment
  • Make a contribution to friends, family and society
  • Cultivate community connections
  • Foster 'ways of being' that bring about interpersonal connection

For Professionals

Staff Days – Creativity Workshop
A half-day or full-day program for your staff, delivered at your site.

INSIDE OUT - Become more effective at work and at play

Since the time of Yogananda's great awakening in the western world, scientific research has shown that your mind is not located solely in your head. It is in 'every fiber of your being'.

Tap your creativity - working from the inside out; and increase productivity and contentment in every part of your life.

Theatre At Work for Professionals will help you:

  • Access abundant energy
  • Find your voice
  • Increase observation skills
  • Build your confidence for what you do
  • Focus on what's important
  • Use internal dialogue to create external results
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Create a personal mantra