To explore how Theatre At Work can help your organization, contact Karen to schedule a personal appointment or an in-service presentation for your staff.

Theatre At Work, a unique and specialized life-skills-theatre program, is designed to be most beneficial for those who are dealing with employment barriers. These include those who:

  • have a disability,
  • have miltiple barriers to employment,
  • are immigrants to Canada,
  • are incarcerated,
  • are youth,
  • are older adults,
  • are Aboriginal,
  • are survivors of violence or abuse,
  • are from the Francophone community, or
  • live in rural and/or remote areas.

Our vision is to deliver a specialized approach in facilitating programs that supports independence and competence, giving participants the skills, the confidence and the opportunity to participate fully in the community.

The keystone is our belief that every person:

  • Is able to contribute and engage
  • Possesses talent
  • Can achieve personal and work goals

Participants can expect:

  • respect,
  • freedom from discrimination on any grounds,
  • dignity, and freedom of choice,
  • privacy; information shared will remain confidential,
  • opportunity to speak and be heard,
  • freedom from violence,
  • equal opportunities,
  • involvement and inclusion, and
  • quality, prompt service