Theatre at Work

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Transition through Theatre - from isolation to community and employment

Theatre At Work is a unique and specialized life-skills program, customized for people who have barriers to employment and are otherwise isolated within the community. It is designed to engage participants emotionally, providing a deeper and more substantial learning experience.

Theatre promotes a wide variety of life skills, including:

  • physical and perceptual abilities,
  • cooperation,
  • concentration,
  • problem solving, and
  • self-esteem.

These skills are transferable to other areas of living and working.

Four main workshops are offered within Theatre At Work. The training focus is on self-reliance and independence to engender the confidence and motivation needed for participants to consider employment as a next step in attaining personal achievements.

Theatre At Work includes activities and tailored exercises in story-telling, mask work, movement, and role play; each designed to lead participants to conclusions about how they can modify behaviors and achieve better outcomes in their day-to-day living.

Participants learn 'ways of being' related to areas such as safety, independence, physical and environmental awareness, setting and maintaining boundaries, and understanding social cues.

Encouragement and assistance in accessing next-step employment programs such as those offered by WorkBC Employment Services is one end-goal of the program.

Theatre at Work provides a safe and accepting environment where all participants including those with special needs can excel, develop confidence, and experience pride of accomplishment.

Why this program? Why Karen?

  • Unique combination of skills and experience
  • History of successful outcomes
  • Desire to make a difference in people's lives

As an employment services specialist and a theatre professional since 1989, Karen has consistently involved the use of drama in educating and helping people. Karen's desire to make a difference in people's lives has led her to formalize curriculum based on techniques she has used for years; ones proven to achieve exceptional results.

As the architect of Theatre At Work, Transition Through Theatre - from isolation to community and employment, Karen's background in producing educational workshops with clear and concise learning objectives and measurable outcomes that tie directly to community integration and employment services has been of service.

Her desire to make a difference in people's lives has been the motivator.