About Karen Freeborn

Karen was asked recently:

What are your top 3 attributes /gifts?

I would have to say my PASSION for helping individuals achieve goals and employers and communities achieve inclusivity.

CREATIVITY in developing and delivering programs and workshops that achieve positive results for individuals and communities.

MY CORE BELIEF that believing in people and helping people believe in themselves makes a huge difference in every aspect of a person's life and in the life of the community.

What business/industry are you in?

Customized Employment Services and Programs that effectively move people toward community inclusion and employment.

What influenced you to start your business?

The GAP in our existing employment services model and my desire and ability to help fill that GAP. It is common knowledge that people are falling through the cracks because the pre-employment piece is either missing or ineffectual.

My ABILITY to help individuals, employers and the community to recognize and value the skills, abilities and assets of every person, and teach ways in which to apply those skills, abilities and assets for win-win outcomes.

The CALL TO ACTION experienced each time I encounter someone who is paralyzed by isolation.

A first step:

Combining two passions; employment services and theatre in education, Karen formalized her methodology in developing Theatre At Work, Transition through Theatre - from isolation to community and employment. Karen believes that addressing ISOLATION is the first step toward affecting change in someone's life.


Karen is a coach, a facilitator and an exceptional motivator with over 16 years experience working in Employment Services and over 25 years experience as a Theatre Professional. Karen produces educational workshops with clear and concise learning objectives and measurable outcomes that tie directly to community attachment and employment. She believes in everyone's ability to "rise to the occasion" and that there are employment options for everyone! Please visit LinkedIn for more details.

In the News!

Karen helps cut OYP's birthday cake

As the founder of the Orleans Young Players (OYP) Theatre School in Ottawa, Karen was thrilled to attend their 25th birthday celebrations in September 2014.

Karen has directed a long list of plays and presentations for the OYP theatre school and for the Moon Stone Theatre Company which operated in Port Coquitlam from 1999-2008.

She has also developed and directed special events and presentations for THEO-BC, Alcohol-Drug Education Service and most recently, the SFU - Mary Steinhauser Memorial Bursary Event entitled BRAVE. This inspiring event was the March news story in the Tri-City News' 2014 retrospective.

Karen's Portfolio Includes:

  • Directed Edward Albee's 'The Zoo Story' for THEO-BC's Mental Health Awareness Event
  • Directed "BRAVE - The Mary Steinhauser Legacy," a fundraising event for the Simon Fraser University Mary Steinhauser Memorial Bursury. Tri-Cities Now news coverage, March 14, 2014
  • Modified curriculum for accessibility to ESL participants of "Assessing Employment Options"
  • Created the new "Parents as Preventers" workshops for Alcohol-Drug Education Service
  • Facilitated youth 12-19 through a scriptwriting process and staging of "Hooked," an exposé of the perils of drug and alcohol addiction for Alcohol-Drug Education Service. This was the 2 nd presentation in the "Now That We Have Your Attention" writing program.
  • Facilitated a Spring Fashion Show, the culmination of the work integration program at the Riverview lodges