About Freeborn Consulting Inc.

Freeborn Consulting Inc. is a professional organization that strives to be the best in the industry for program development and delivery.

The great act of kindness in caring for people is our belief in their ability to 'achieve' based on who they really are; not on the limitations they or others impose. Freeborn Consulting Inc. works from this frame of reference.

What we do

  • Train, motivate, support, and celebrate diversity and inclusion
  • Cultivate community connection for those who have been isolated
  • Break down barriers on the path to employment
  • Foster 'ways of being' that bring about interpersonal connection
  • Increase employability and potential
  • Create employment options for everyone!
  • Solve placement dilemmas

We believe in

  • Building and nurturing every relationship
  • Empowering and supporting every individual in each and every group

The keystone is our belief that every person

  • Is able to contribute and engage
  • Possesses talent
  • Can achieve work goals