Freeborn Consulting's overarching mission is to help people with personal challenges live full and successful lives. Physical, mental or environmental challenges can keep people isolated and can have a detrimental impact on their employment prospects and overall quality of life.

Our vision is to deliver a specialized approach in facilitating programs that supports independence and competence, giving participants the skills, the confidence and the opportunity to participate fully in the community.

The keystone is our belief that every person:

  • Is able to contribute and engage
  • Possesses talent
  • Can achieve personal and work goals

Freeborn Consulting's inaugural program is:

Transition through Theatre - from isolation to community and employment

Theatre At Work is a unique and specialized life-skills program, customized for people who have barriers to employment and are otherwise isolated within the community. It is designed to engage participants emotionally and meaningfully.

Research shows that theatre is an exceptional vehicle for learning as it enhances physical and perceptual abilities, problem solving, communication and concentration; and by engaging participants emotionally, it provides a deeper and more substantial learning experience.

Let us help your business!

Freeborn Consulting Inc. seeks to help EMPLOYERS become inclusive. By hiring people who have a disability you will benefit your organization.

You will see:

• A decrease in turnover

• Higher productivity

• Cost savings and higher business profits

"Hiring people who have a disability is much more than 'doing the right thing'. It's good for your business. Be part of the solution!"

~Mark Waver, Tim Hortons franchisee

Please take Mark's CHALLENGE TO ALL CANADIAN BUSINESS OWNERS to hire people with disabilities.

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British Columbia: The most progressive place in Canada for people with disabilities

On June 16, 2014, Premier Christy Clark unveiled Accessibility 2024, a 10-year plan to make British Columbia the most progressive place in Canada for people with disabilities.

Following a three-month comprehensive public consultation, a shared commitment was sealed between government, businesses, and communities to make our province a place where people with disabilities fully integrate with their communities and live full and successful lives.

The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation has committed to investing time, energy and money toward this goal.

Included in this report is that "partners" will be the key to moving the plan forward. Government is committed to ongoing engagement with the disability community, individuals, friends, family, local government, and the business community.

Freeborn Consulting and its Theatre At Work program are in alignment with the goal to help those with disabilities live and work fully in the community.

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